Commercial business owners can install solar PV system within their facilities for own use, and feedback excess solar electricity to the grid. Considering the price of municipal electricity is relatively high, the electricity solar yielded from the PV system would bring in sustainable economic savings.


The photovoltaic process, which converts sunlight into electricity has zero fuel input costs, making electricity generation more cost-effective.

Retail Shopping Centres

One of the major expenses that retail business incur monthly is the continuous increase in electricity tariffs being imposed each year. Rand per kilowatt for electricity to run cold storage and other essential equipment is continually increasing and the use of solar power​ will reduce its dependency on municipal electricity, resulting in substantial reduction of the electricity bill.


Investing in solar for self-consumption reduces the greenhouse emission, resulting in favourable climate change and pollution mitigation. Apart from saving the environment it also shows commitment towards your brand promise, and goodwill created in the market will benefit these companies and our beautiful country.


One of the initial steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle way of living is adopting a renewable source of energy. Solar energy serves as a good marketing and or Public Relations (PR) tool that will help to achieve a positive response from potential new customers.


Solar energy ​helps to improve returns on your initial investment. There are several tax and other financial incentives initiated by the government for those switching to the green source of energy. Solar energy solutions represent a sustainable and financially sound investment.


The impact of global warming is increasing political pressure to reduce emission globally. Extreme weather, increased temperature and contaminated air has become common in the past few years. As a result, fossil free source of energy has become an established source of energy for manufacturing facilities globally.


Photovoltaic plants have no moving parts and require very little maintenance. These unique features make the use of solar energy the sensible choice within the agricultural environment.


Residential solar improves property value and energy security through reduced dependency from municipal electricity, improving your monthly cash flow.


Depending on fossil-fuel based generation for electricity and diesel gensets is continually being challenged as a cost-effective power supply, remaining high priority for mining companies. Since the application of the different Co2 emissions mitigation strategies, finding innovative ways to reduce costs and improve productivity is an ongoing problem. Compounded by unreliable grid supply and fuel cost fluctuations can make it demanding to manage and protect profit margins.